Several new Product Opportunities coming soon...

by Kenneth Alley Designs....

Last year, Congress passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, or JOBS Act, that legalized the use of crowdfunding for equity investments. We are waiting for the Securities and Exchange Commission to write the rules... We have several new products in development at various stages and may plan to utilize crowdfunding as a vehicle to launch several products and provide opportunities to investors that share our passion for new inventions ideas.

Hide a Brush ™(keeps your toilet brushes where they belong, in the toilet!)

Spin Grill ™ -™ (Spin Grill Technology makes the perfect Gills- indoor and outdoor models)

Spin Bake™ -™ (Spin Bake technology™ 3D foods)

LiquidRazorBlade ™ (No More expensive Blades)

FlipWrap ™ FlipnWrap™-™ (Mass appeal kitchen and consumer Packaging technology) Utility Patents Pending, Kenneth Alley

Litter Sheets™ -™

Fold O Rang ™ -™ (The Hanging version of the patent pending FoldingWand TM. The FoldORang is a tool template that attaches to a wall, laundry pole or door to fold fitted and flat sheets.)    Utility Patents Pending, Kenneth Alley

Siti Hair Styler ™- Hair Straightening and Styling Technology

Hang O Rang ™ - The only Hanger Like it !

Hyperlink Camera™-™ ™ ™

AsOnRadio ™ 

The present inventions and/or Trademarkes are intended to be protected broadly within the spirit and scope of their respective use and claims.  Additionally, this disclosure will be referenced by potential investors as SEC rules and regulations are published. Futher disclosures will apply.

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