An Invention Technologies Development Company that Creates and Licenses its High Value Intellectual Property. Alley develops new technologies, commercializes new products and provides diverse consultation and total engineering solutions for the plastic, scientific, healthcare and other industries.

Our Unique and Superior Solutions, enables us to create Investment Opportunities for our Clients. Our technologies may be commercialized in several ways, including starting new ventures, co-investing with our clients and licensing our protected intellectual property to our business partners.

Alley’s innovations range from breakthrough Medical and Diagnostic Devices to Environmental Solutions for government and industry. Our focus is on developing high quality solutions and products and reducing the [time to market] for our clients.

Alley provides the total engineering required for implementation of its new technology. This includes; Research and Development, Product Design and Development, Mold Design and Procurement, Tooling Design Requirements, Project Engineering Consultation, Manufacturing and Assembly Equipment Procurement/Design, and Design Control Documentation. Our Comprehensive Engineering Technologies and Creative approach to problem solving is what we is DO BEST. Our clients benefit from our multidisciplinary areas of expertise.

Alley is currently developing and designing Rapid Diagnostic Testing Devices for Environmental Contaminants, Food and Dairy Contaminates, Infectious Disease, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Veterinarian Diseases. Alley is also developing Specialized Evacuation Tubes and Evacuation Tube Devices, Micro-Fluidic Devices, Drug Delivery Systems, Specialized Testing Cassettes, Implant able and Non-Evasive Diagnostic Devices and several other on-going projects related to Human Healthcare.

In addition to Bio-Technologies, Alley’s Intellectual Property Portfolio includes Patents and Pending Applications in several other fields, such as Consumer Packaging Technologies, Transportation, Communications, and Specialized Electronics.

Alley is interested in developing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers for many of its products. Our goal is to form new partnerships, with manufacturers and distributors to create new commercial ventures and investment opportunities.

For inquiries regarding Invention, Product Design and Development or Licensing, please contact;

Alley Intellectual Property

Ph, 267.456.8810 or email: