When it comes to problem solving, product design and idea generation, it is my philosophy that, “if they say it can’t be done, then come to see me”.

My passion is thinking of and creating new and unique ideas and then making them a reality. I am not a typical product designer or consultant; I provide the total engineering required for implementation of my new technologies. This approach provides my clients with a unique advantage and turn key solutions. My creative approach to problem solving is what I DO BEST and my clients benefit from my multidisciplinary areas of expertise including: product design/development, plastic processing technologies (IBM, IM), medical/diagnostics technologies and general engineering technologies.

Early on in our development stage, I focus on aspects including; manufacturability, assembly, usability, performance, appearance, serviceability and Cost—more than ever before—cost is a driving force in the decision making process. I realize we need to achieve the Ultimate Capability at the right cost. That's why it is my goal to provide affordable, technology-based solutions allowing my clients to maintain competitiveness within the marketplace.

My constant curiousity, along with my practical working experiences in manufacturing (plastics, glass, and pharmaceuticals) continues to keep me thinking outside of the box. In many cases, this path will include early-stage intellectual property that represents fundamental changes in applied technology with high commercial value.

Please feel free to review some of my inventions and emerging technologies.     A snapshot of some of my inventions

Thank You

Kenneth Alley