For Product Development Services and Licensing Opportunities contact or call 267-456-8810.

If you need a new product, something that will out do your competition? We can create a New and Unique product that will provide distinct advantages over your competitors and provide a unique opportunity for our special partners. Feel free to ask about the Kenneth Alley ® Challenge. Product design and development services are available in numerous categories!

We take great pride in our products and our partners , therefore we carefully decide how we spend our time and with whom. Our success depends on "creating an opportunity for everyone involved". We understand that everyone has an equally vital role in creating and marketing a new product successfully. The designers, manufacturers, suppliers and markerters, and the consumer! everyone should benefit ! Thats what we focus on...

  • Home Solutions ( misc consumer products )
  • Appliances
  • Electronic Devices and Designs-Communication Devices
  • Health and Beauty Hair Care Devices and Products
  • Product Development and Designs
  • Creative Packaging Products and Concepts
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Packaging
  • Medical and Diagnostic Devices -refer to AlleyBio Systems

Our focus is to solve everyday consumer related problems and to create new opportunities by inventing new and novel patentable solutions and then, bring them to the marketplace!

kensVentions ® website is the consumer, new products introduction and launch vehicle. We will eventually license new products that may be occassionally promoted on the kensVentions ® website. All sales of products are managed and processed through an Agent Company i.e. kensVentions, LLC.

                         Thank you the idea people …